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Educational Intelligence System - EIS

EIS is Innovative Educational software & Teaching suite used by schools & Colleges to increase efficiency of Students to academic excellence & for cognitive Teaching method, reduce costs, and improve their management and administration. Our platform is designed to be used by Private Schools, Govt Schools, independent, and charter schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Comprehensive & Flexible

EIS is a seamless experience in which all modules and tools are tightly knit together to eliminate redundant tasks, simplify data sharing, and ensure data integrity. Our roadmap includes over 32 features and that cover all facets of a school's administration and educational processes. These modules were designed from ground up to accommodate a wide variety of schools in all parts of the world. They can easily be customized in order to meet unique needs and requirements.

Web-Based / Stand Alone & Secure

The entire EIS comes in two forms Web-based or even for Standalone providing real-time access to all features from any standard Internet browser. It offers enterprise-level availability, data protection, and security.

Friendly & Fun

EIS comes with detailed help guides and tutorials, but most users need minimal or no training to take advantage of its full potential. We've built EIS to be an enjoyable, intuitive experience


EIS encourages parents to be more involved in their children's education and forges a stronger school community by providing access to data and facilitating communication between educators, parents, and students.


We believe that all schools, regardless of location or financial strength, deserve the best information technology.

The EIS Features

Students: EIS makes learning and studying fun for students and give them more confidence in school provides a global platform to show case their talents and also to be a part of Hall of Fame.

Parents: EIS offers parents more ways to be involved in their children's education.

Faculty/Teachers: EIS saves teachers time and make their class engaging, exiting & Interesting with innovative & Creative Syllabus based Class Activities, 2D/3D video tutorials and many more.

Administrators: EIS Facilitates easy updation of Records, It not only saves the time it also provides quick access to the required archive data with ease. EIS handles many of tasks for administrators, helping schools run smoothly with Admission process, Fee collection, Remainders, Student Report Archive and with UIN the job made much easier to track or Retrieve any student records at any time with ease

Management: EIS gives Management a unencumbered access to Students performance (Class wise /Subject wise reports, Fees payment details, Attendance, Alumni records many other analysis to help in Decision making to enhance the education system to the next level of improvements. Not just Student performance it’ll also facilitate Faculty Evaluation for appraisals and for many other Decision making cases.

EIS Services

Data Conversion and Migration
We gather critical current and historical data and convert it to a usable format.

We extract the data from your old software applications or systems, making even the most complex data easy to restructure, reuse and repurpose. We will import three years worth of existing records–student and faculty rosters, school directories, applications, forms, bills, class pictures, individual student photos, disciplinary records, archived transcripts, letters, school schedules, and more. The typical setup time is 1 week.


Our software suite can be tailored in a variety of ways to suit your specific needs.

Our features can be customized to conform to your school’s grading methods, attendance procedures, report card formats, and more. We provide schools with ability to add, drop, combine, split, or reformat data fields in order to further personalize the EIS experience.

On-Site Training

We will travel to train schools in personalized sessions.

Regardless of computer literacy, each and every user can be taught to use EIS in a process that is far less complicated than usual thanks to our software’s intuitive design. On-site training can be geared to end-users, administrative staff, or technical team members.

EIS is a Powerful Educational Intelligence System used in all sort of Schools

  • State | CBSE | ICSE
  • Web based/ Intranet / Standalone
  • Clean & Organized system
  • Flexible, Customizable, Scalable & Secure
  • All schools, regardless of location or financial strength can enjoy our best class Service